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Mentor in a Box is an education project to develop a video web library, teaching competent leadership skills to mentees of I'll Drink to That Toastmasters.

Inspired by the OpenCourseWare (OCW) Movement, the library will prepare mentees for the basics of competent leadership so they are more engaged during the weekly meetings. Mentees can search for a subject through the blog archive; play, pause and rewind tutorials; and stay up to date of new videos and postings by email.

This is certainly a work in process. So please feel free to subscribe to stay current! If you have questions, comments or would like to contribute to Mentor in a Box, email me @ mentorinabox@gmail.com. Mentor can also be found on YouTube here.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Official Toastmaster International Videos

On May 7, Toastmasters International introduced their "Time Tested Communication Tips on Video" as a resource for eveyday speaking situations.  These are a great resource and could also be applied to situations at "I'll Drink to That" Toastmasters.  In addition to videos from the club, this post will keep up with videos from the official Toastmaster series as they are uploaded to their website found here.

You can use the search feature on the right side of the Mentor in a Box site to find specific topics.

Job Interviews

Interview with confidence through focused listening, articulate responses and effective body language. Following these tips will empower you to impress others.

Five Basic Public Speaking Tips

Master a topic and present it well. Following these tips will ensure your next speech goes smoothly and your audience gets more out of the experience.

Knowing Your Audience

Whether you’re speaking to a small group of corporate stockholders or an international society of zookeepers, following these guidelines will help you deliver an authentic speech that meets and exceeds audience expectations.

Finding Speech Topics

What should a speech be about? Should you stick to what you know, or explore a new subject? Do you have to be an expert on a topic to give a great speech about it? Get answers to these questions and more.

How to Give a Toast

Life is full of special occasions; someday you may be called upon to say a few special words. If you’re not well-prepared, your best intentions can fall flat. Learn what to do — and what not to do — to make the most of the moment.

The Club Experience

Are you wondering what goes on at a Toastmasters meeting? What you will learn? Whether or not you have to give a speech? These are common questions for anyone considering becoming a member of Toastmasters, and the answers are here.

From introductions and meeting roles to speech evaluations, everything that happens at a Toastmasters meeting is geared to help members establish and improve their real-world communication and leadership skills.

Pay a virtual visit to the Bright and Early Toastmasters club to learn more about what happens each week. Your host, Raphaela, will guide you through the meeting and explain how the experience can benefit you.

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