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Mentor in a Box is an education project to develop a video web library, teaching competent leadership skills to mentees of I'll Drink to That Toastmasters.

Inspired by the OpenCourseWare (OCW) Movement, the library will prepare mentees for the basics of competent leadership so they are more engaged during the weekly meetings. Mentees can search for a subject through the blog archive; play, pause and rewind tutorials; and stay up to date of new videos and postings by email.

This is certainly a work in process. So please feel free to subscribe to stay current! If you have questions, comments or would like to contribute to Mentor in a Box, email me @ mentorinabox@gmail.com. Mentor can also be found on YouTube here.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Practice Speech Time

Do you want to practice your speech but don't have a timer?  Don't Sweat!!

This post of Mentor in a Box provides timers for the 3 most common speeches at I'll Drink to That Toastmasters.

-Barroom (Table) Topics Response (30 - 60 seconds)
-Ice Breaker Speech (4 - 6 minutes)
-Standard Speech (5 - 7 minutes)

Each video provides the Green, Yellow and Red lights you would see on the night of the meeting.  Some enhanced features include a 3 second countdown, an audio "ding" when your time has started, and a buzzer for disqualified time.

These videos are a great tool to practice staying within speech time limits; and can be accessed from your computer, I-Pad and even your mobile phone.


Barroom (Table) Topics Response Timer (30 - 60 seconds)

Ice Breaker Speech Timer (4 - 6 minutes)

Standard Speech Timer (5 - 7 minutes)


-CC, Speech 10 Timer for Toastmasters (8 - 10 minutes)
-Evaluation Timer for Toastmasters (1 - 3 minutes)

CC, Speech 10 Timer for Toastmasters (8 - 10 minutes)

Evaluation Timer for Toastmasters (1 - 3 minutes)

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